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Hand & Feet Treatments

Nails by Nailtiques™ and Vita Liberatta™.

Deluxe Manicure with luxury massage.
(1 hr) £25.00

This is a deluxe manicure including file and polish,
cuticle work and hand and arm massage. Heated
mitts are then applied to the hands, this allows
the hand lotion to penetrate deeper into the skin.
This treatment leaves nails and skin smooth
and radiant.

Nailtiques™ Manicure
(45 mins) £18.00

File and Polish (Fingers or Toes)
(15 mins) £10.00

File and French Polish (Fingers or Toes)
(20 mins) £13.00

File and Polish with freehand nail art (fingers or Toes)
(25 mins) £15.00

Nailtiques™ Pedicure
(1hr) £25.00

A luxury treatment that begins with a fizzy mineral foot soak. Nails are then
filed and the cuticles tidied, followed by removal of any calluses. The feet
are then exfoliated leaving super soft skin. An application of a cooling revitalising
mask is smoothed over the skin, finishing with a foot soothing lotion and a polish
of choice.

Deluxe Pedicure
(1 hr 15 mins) £31.00

All the benefits of the Nailtiques™ Pedicure plus an application of
paraffin wax.

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